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I ordered two sets of Waterford plates that The Bowl Company website said were in stock for a wedding present. They sent one set out and notified me they were out of stock and it would be about 3 weeks until the second set would be sent out.

There was a discount since the order totaled over $100. I didn't give it another thought and I assumed the plates were sent. Three months later when I received the thank you note from the couple, I found out only one set was ever sent! So embarrassed!

The Bowl Company agreed to refund the money for one set, but did not simply return half of what I paid since the order was now under $100! When I asked why they would not honor the original discounted price since they were at fault in multiple ways,( inaccurate website, poor customer communication, wouldn't have refunded the money if I had not contacted them months later when I discovered that they hadn't sent the plates) they did not answer and haven't refunded the few dollars that would have kept me a reasonably satisfied customer.

Foolish and poor customer service.DO NOT BUY GIFTS FROM THIS SITE or believe what they say they have in stock. They've lost me as a customer.

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Customer was sent 6 emails on this order and regarding the delay and shipment. customer was immediately sent an email on the out of stock condition.

Customer responded they were OK with the wait. We informed her several times after that one of the items was not available and customer agreed to the partial shipment.

20,000 customers in 2010 cannot be wrong. Shop with confidence.

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