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I ordered $250 worth of serving bowls for my mother at Christmas. The Bowl Company, http://www.thebowlcompany.com/ never delivered the product and would not refund my money. They are located in Brewster, NY but take online orders.

When I called to try and solve the issue with them, they were rude and uncooperative. They promised to look into the issue and call me back. After several weeks i had to call them back. At that point they told me they had decided there was no issue, blaming fedex.

If you value service or your hard earned money stay away!

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This customer continues his misrepresentation of the issue. Customer put in the incorrect address.

Product was shipped immediately complete with email tracking sent. Customer then blamed us for putting the incorrect address when he placed the order directly on the website. Fedex tracking shows it was delivered to his old address (which he put on the order).

Disputed it on credit card and the credit card company even declared he was incorrect. we made attempts to retrieve the boxes from his old address.

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